If my state allows it, should I return my voted ballot electronically?

Currently, 29 states allow overseas voters to return of voted ballots by Email, Fax or Online upload.

This can be a huge boon to overseas voters who live in areas where the postal system is unreliable or non-existent or who otherwise may not be able to meet the deadline for returning their ballots.

There can be security and confidentiality concerns–however, those concerns may be outweighed by the alternative of not having your ballot counted at all!

  • If your state allows submission of voted ballots by Online upload, the connection should be secure at both ends and your ballot should remain secret. Online upload may be more secure than mail as you don’t have to worry that your voted ballot may be delayed or lost in the mail.
  • If your state allows submission of voted ballots by Email or Fax, your ballot will not be sealed when you send in–so you will need to sign a waiver of your right to a secret ballot. However, your Local Election Official (LEO) will separate your identifying information from your vote as soon as possible and no one should be able to know how you voted.